Why Stories Matter

There's always a story waiting to be told... even when flowing down a river on a quiet evening in Rhode Island.   

The woman pictured is not just a gondolier, she is also an artist and a dreamer. What could have been a stale pseudo-Venetian routine trip became a memory of inspiration and connectedness because of a mutual willingness to share.

No matter where we are, there is a protagonist, or even a narrator, living out a storyline that will eventually touch us in some way. But how many of us take the time to notice?

Stories bind us together... it is the glue that keeps us connected through generations and the eraser of space between strangers. It is a way in which allows us to find commonalities or synchronicities that might have never been unearthed without an openness to sharing. 

Stories allow us to find value and meaning.

Without a story, there is no emotion or feeling tied to a person, place, or thing. 

Stories elevate everything.

This gondolier is Roselyn Young and she is more than just a face. As it turns out, she is one of only two female gondoliers in Rhode Island. She is also passionate about music and Minnesota!  

Without her story, the gondola business would be just that - a service. She personalized the experience and made it more than just a tourist attraction.


As we navigate through our lives, we meander and wander, and through it all, we encounter and discover.   

This is how our stories evolve.

Whether it's a new place or a new face, there is a chance to learn.

And while we may think we know what we're looking for, if we're lucky, we're instead taken down an unexpected path, and swept into a state of being that is present, timeless, and connected.   

That connection is one of heart and mind.

It is this kind of presence and openness that we embody in our storytelling approach leaving our audiences informed and inspired.

What is your story?