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Live from my neighborhood.

Live from my neighborhood.


Nina Bouphasavanh

I follow my heart and it’s led me here.

I started working in television as a sophomore in high school when I landed a coveted spot on a teen magazine show covering health and entertainment news. The show took me to LA and Oahu where I interviewed celebrities and hopped on a surfboard for the first time.

I stayed in news through college and earned my first Emmy award while attending classes and working multiple jobs as a production assistant and intern with Fox, NBC, and CBS stations. My innate ability to multi-task and work long and odd hours landed me producing roles at CNN in Atlanta and Dateline NBC. As much as I wanted to experience Southern hospitality, I moved to California and it’s when my blazing love affair with LA was ignited.

My wanderlust swept me away to New York too where I discovered the joy of train rides and floppy late night pizza. After a few years of covering breaking news and doing endless live shots, including one where I had to dodge stray bullets, I transitioned off camera. My hair needed a break.

I began producing scripted and non-scripted television content for ABC, Travel Channel, H2 and History channels in my hometown of Minneapolis before focusing on branded storytelling.

As someone who has moved coast to coast with a mini stint in Cheyenne, Wyoming as a storyteller, I have cultivated a deep sense of grit, ambition, and resiliency. I’ve also built up my endurance for long car rides and have perfected the art of embracing unfamiliar places and the unknowns of life.

Some of my most memorable experiences include dancing in the rain with Gypsies in Budapest (during a shoot), winning a grocery store commercial contest, zip-lining for b-roll, filming in the Great Barrier Reef, and co-producing a documentary in Africa.

When I’m not creating, I am usually outside basking in sunshine. When indoors, I’m listening to music, reading (often on a plane), spending time with family and friends and having snacks.

I am the heart behind I Heart Storytelling.