The Heart

Dare to go where the heart beats and you will always know where to go.

When it comes to powerful storytelling, the heart is at the core of everything. 

It's not about the latest and greatest equipment, fancy lighting, or the most sophisticated animation techniques that makes a piece memorable.

It is emotion. 

While the tools of the trade are helpful in illustrating a vision, it is not fully realized without the heart intact.

As humans, we want to feel.  We want to connect.  What awakens you? 

This is what our production team keeps in mind when creating any piece.

Why should we care?  

We mean it when we say the creative process begins well before we press record or before we type out the first words onto a script.  We are deeply invested in who we are working with and the subject matter. 

If we're not feeling it, no one will either. 

Anyone can create a video, podcast, or social media post these days... but to stand out, we have to go deep.

I Heart Storytelling is rooted in humanitarianism, where the first visual pieces produced were purely inspired by a genuine love of charitable causes and to promote those saving lives.  It has now beautifully transcended to creating stories about social justice issues, the latest technological innovations, inspiring community leaders, health and wealth, soulful artists, travel and beyond.

Our creative teams vary depending on client needs, but everyone knows the heart leads the way, everyday. 

A good friend and storytelling partner always reminds us to go where the heart beats.   

Best words of advice, because now, no matter what we are doing, we always know where to go.