Dare to Dream

I loved summer mornings when my father and I milled around the bookstore together. Curiously exploring colorful aisles with wide hungry eyes while my patient father followed me around and carried my books was THE LIFE!  As a young girl, arriving home with a stack of new books made me feel proud, excited, and inspired.  I loved exploring worlds within my hands.

By chance, a female author was signing books one day.  We had no idea who she was, but I was deeply drawn to her and I wanted her autograph.

She signed my book, “dare to dream.”

When I read it for the first time – a fire ignited in my soul.   Those words became my mantra.

It is truly the spirit of daring and dreaming that drives me and invites me to explore and meet new people and to flow and grow in my life.

I know it is why I have devoted my life to storytelling and why I see life as an ongoing adventure.   It is also the foundation of my heart-based series of dreamers I’m launching.

These are inspiring and courageous people I have met during my daily adventures.  Each person has graciously shared their beautiful stories with me.  I am now sharing in hopes it will ignite something in you or will inspire you to action.

I believe it’s never too late to have a dream in your heart and to see how far it takes you.  

I am always reminded daily that it’s not about where you end up, but the moments along the way.   The experience is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We’re all incredible stories in motion – every single second of our lives.   Dare to dream – for the experience and for the satisfaction of following that fire within you that burns bright.